CR 1.5mm 1.7g/cm³ Black acid and alkali resistance rubber

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber

2. Thickness:1mm-100mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 1.7g/cm3

6. Hardness:65±5

7. Tensile strength: 2.5Mpa

8. Elongation: 180%

9. with or without fabric reinforcement

china neoprene rubber sheet

China neoprene rubber sheet manufacturer & suppliers

CR rubber, also known as “Neoprene”, is an acid and alkali resistant synthetic rubber sheet vulcanized. The reason why CR rubber sheet is widely used is that it can show excellent chemical stability in some applications and will not be affected by it. 

Secondly, China Neoprene rubber sheet produced by Hebei No. 6 Rubber Co., Ltd. is 1.5mm thick, which is applicable to a wide temperature range and can maintain relative flexibility and elongation without cracking. It has medium elastic properties and is resistant to wear and impact.

CR rubber can also be used in some harsh environments, such as car gaskets, hoses, and inner linings in contact with chemicals, which can also prevent corrosion. In bridge construction, it is very common to use cushion blocks as load-bearing foundations.

Neoprene sheets can also be used in power transformers to provide noise isolation and as a basis for adhesives; China Neoprene rubber sheet is a multi-purpose elastomer, which is more resistant to combustion than other synthetic hydrocarbon rubber. This combustion resistance can be made into weather strip for use.

The neoprene sheets produced by us have many choices according to the thickness, specific gravity, hardness and tensile ratio, but their surfaces are smooth without any bubbles or peeling. They also have a certain resistance to some conventional oils, not all oils.








70±5 Shore A