5mm Rose red natural 1.05g/cm³ soft rubber sheet

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber

2. Thickness: 1-100mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 1.05g/cm3

6. Hardness: 50±5 Shore A

7. Tensile strength: 10Mpa

8. Elongation: 550%

9. with or without fabric reinforcement

china natural rubber sheet

From China natural rubber sheet Manufacturers & Suppliers

Yes, this is also a red China natural rubber sheet. The color of natural rubber can be very bright or black, and under constant stretching, it will not deform in any way, and it will rebound quickly. This is the characteristic of natural rubber sheetexcellent resilience and excellent high elasticity. And has strong tear resistance.

From China natural rubber sheet, also known as NR rubber, we have strict quality inspection from raw material procurement to transportation. Natural rubber sheets are made of milk on rubber trees and other substances, and then go through the production process of the factory to get the final product. 

The finished product has a smooth surface without any defects and no peculiar smell. It will not have a very pungent odor like other inferior industrial rubber plates, Natural rubber is green, environmentally friendly, and will not harm the human body, which can be safely used.

This natural rubber sheet can be used in a wide range of industries. For some industries with elasticity requirements, such as pipeline transportation industry, tank, and valve lining, this is the rubber sheet they usually use, but also according to hardness, thickness, and tensile strength. 

However, natural rubber is not limited to these application industries, but also includes factories, mines, quarries, manufacturing hoses, mud handling machines, gasket and gasket production, various seals, etc.


Rose red






35±5° Shore A