1.5 g/cm³ black butadiene rubber sheet

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  • Excellent processing performance
  • Wear-resistant
  • Environmental friendly
  • Anti-aging
  • Widely used

Butadiene rubber sheet

Butadiene rubber sheet is a sheet product with a certain thickness and area made of styrene-butadiene rubber through vulcanization and other processes. Compared with natural rubber, it has less foreign matter and is more uniform.

Butadiene rubber is the oldest synthetic rubber, having been put into use in industrial production as early as 1937. It remains the most widely produced and most sold synthetic rubber to date.

Styrene-butadiene rubber sheet has good water resistance. Due to its medium hardness, the tensile strength is average. Not recommended for use with most hydrocarbons, such as strong acids, ozone, and grease. It is widely used in the tire industry, the shoe industry and cloth industry, etc. Conveyor belt industry and industry, and the seal production industry.

The low temperature resistance of styrene-butadiene rubber sheet is closely related to the butadiene content, so in general, the low temperature resistance of styrene-butadiene rubber sheet is not as good as from natural rubber, but has excellent processing performance. Increasing the molecular weight can increase the filling, and the anti-aging ability is very strong.

Butadiene rubber is easy to mix with unsaturated rubber such as natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, and the shortcomings of styrene-butadiene rubber can be effectively overcome through proper dosage.

butadiene rubber sheet
butadiene rubber sheet
butadiene rubber sheet