Buna N 1.7g/cm³ Black 3mm nitrile rubber sheet

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  • Oil and waterproof
  • Wear-resistant
  • Flat surface
  • A fabric layer can be added in the middle to improve stability
buna n rubber sheet

Buna N rubber sheet


Buna N rubber sheet is a synthetic rubber material that is weaker than hydrogenated nitrile HNBR. Although it is lower than HNBR, it has a more acceptable economic cost, and most industries still choose this common Buna N rubber sheet, it still has excellent resistance to grease and oil environment. 

For ordinary grease: vegetable oil, animal oil, lubricating oil, etc., and industrial oil and gas: petroleum, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., the thickness is from 1mm -100mm range, large coverage, wide application industries, excellent physical properties, wear-resistant and waterproof, and can be cut into various shapes and sizes.

buna n rubber sheet

In addition to excellent oil resistance, tear resistance and stretchability are also very good, there is no cracking phenomenon when pulled, it is still very soft, and it is resistant to deformation. This characteristic is concentrated in one rubber material. This Buna N rubber sheet is used in the industry.

We have produced many Buna N rubber sheet of different sizes and parameters, used in transportation and industrial manufacturing, suitable for most petroleum engineering and natural gas contact pipeline work, and also have some general uses, such as used to produce gaskets, rubber zero components etc.

buna n rubber sheet
buna n rubber sheet







70±5 Shore A