3mm 1.4g/cm³ 70±5° Black SBR rubber sheet roll

1. Material: 100% recycled rubber
2. Thickness: 3mm
3. Width: 3m max
4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request
5. Gravity: 1.4g/cm³
6. Hardness: 70±5
7. Tensile strength: 6Mpa
8. Elongation: 400%

black rubber sheet manufacturers

Black rubber sheet manufacturers

One of the commonly used rubber sheets:

SBR is made of SBR raw materials and natural rubber co-vulcanized. It is a substitute for NR rubber sheet. Of course, it is not as good as NR in some aspects, but SBR black rubber sheet is the most commonly used industrial rubber sheet, but it cannot be used in the presence of oil and gas. 

It is used in the field of chemicals, because SBR is not resistant to oil and corrosive chemicals, once it is in contact with these, the service time will be shortened.

For SBR, the most advantage is the price and physical properties, the price is low, which is why it is used in most common industries, secondly, its wear resistance and water resistance, SBR has excellent wear resistance, even if it is used under the pointy thing can also resist a part. 

In mining and coal work, it is used as a conveyor belt. A fabric layer is added in the middle of the rubber sheet to improve the stability and tear resistance of the SBR rubber, making it more durable.

During the vulcanization process of SBR, the surface is smooth and smooth without weathering. However, ordinary SBR rubber sheets have a rubbery smell. If you need high-quality rubber sheets without smell, we can also produce them of black rubber sheet manufacturers . Contact us for details. Customization>>

Black rubber sheet manufacturers - SBR rubber sheet application field

SBR is commonly used in different industries because it is a more affordable choice of rubber. It can be found in tires, footwear, hoses, belting, and other applications. Various rubber gaskets, such as gaskets used in pipeline transportation and gaskets used in automobile production are made from SBR. 

It is also used to produce various seals, wear-resistant strips, skirting line rubber, garage door weatherstrip, and industrial conveyor belt (the surface layer of SBR rubber protects the metal on mining conveyor belts from corrosion and damage). 

Furthermore, SBR rubber sheeting can also be used for agricultural equipment machine mats, sandblasting room curtains, and flooring in production workshops.

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70±5 Shore A