EP100-600 Black 3mm-20mm belt conveyor manufacturer

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Name : rubber conveyor belt

Material: NR/SBR/NBR rubber

length: 10m-400meters

Fabric: 2-12ply fabric insertion(Custom)

Thickness: 3mm-20mm (Custom)

Belt conveyor manufacturer

Rubber conveyor belts are essential for carrying bulk material and unit loads. They can also double as process belts. We have a selection of the most commonly used types of belt on hand to meet customer needs, and our specialists are available to provide advice on product selections and belt dimension design. Heavy rubber conveyor belts offer abrasion resistance, making them ideal for many applications.

The hard black rubber material is a blend of neoprene, nitrile, and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and comes inserted with a cloth fabric. This cloth-inserted rubber is therefore ideal for use as industrial level pads, strips, and flaps. It is especially well suited for use a rubber belt conveyor for various industrial machines.

As a belt conveyor manufacturer, our conveyor belt is made of natural rubber, which is wear-resistant and ductile, and bears no pressure. Rubber conveyor belt can adapt to different degrees of impact force in various industrial work or tearing of materials when conveying products. 

This is because the height of the rubber belt can be enlarged (expanded) by mixing various combinations of transverse polyester cords and fabric layers with suitable covering compounds, generally adding red mesh cloth, the most common one for this envoy, we call it nylon cloth, the effect is more wear-resistant and durable than ordinary canvas. 

The rubber conveyor belt is the ground and The best choice for underground; such as concrete recycling heavy duty applications, aggregate processing or for any heavy industrial situation.

Nylon is an excellent synthetic fibre employed in the rubber industry. Its structure consists of nylon fibres woven in both longitude and latitude, with the latter being the most widely used variety. Its most outstanding advantages are good wear resistance, high strength and good fatigue resistance. Nylon canvas conveyor belts are thin, high in strength, resistant to impact, good at resisting grooving, and have high adhesive strength between layers; they are also flexible. 

Thanks to all these excellent properties, they have a long service life and are suitable for medium to long distance, high bearing capacity and high-speed material conveying. As a result, they are employed in a wide range of industries such as mining, metallurgy, construction and ports.

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