Customize 7-22 mm Anti fatigue mat with holes

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  • Anti-fatigue
  • Non-slip
  • Wide range of applications
  • Environmental friendly
  • beautiful and practical

Anti fatigue mat with holes

Anti fatigue mat with holes is a floor mat with drainage function made of ordinary rubber mat through drilling and cutting procedures. It has good corrosion resistance and is beautiful at the same time.

Anti fatigue mat with holes made of rubber sheets are more wear-resistant and anti-aging than other drainage mats. The round buckles on the surface can increase friction while draining water, which is practical and safe for people.

Drainage rubber pads are suitable for anti-skid and anti-fatigue under the feet of workers in shipyards or in workshops. Porous design, strong permeability, easy drainage, strong and durable, with anti-slip, anti-fatigue, durable, and noise-reducing functions.
At the same time, the hole-shaped design can also be used on lawns, as lawn mats and rubber grass planting grids. Lightweight for easy cleaning and handling.

Drainage rubber mats are suitable for laying floors in hotels, sports venues, conference hall aisles, hotels, kitchens, warehouses, toilets, etc. It has the advantages of anti-slip, fitness, and beauty.

We can produce anti fatigue mat with holes in various colors you need, such as black, red, blue, etc.
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Customized Rubber drainage mat roll
Anti fatigue mat with holes

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