6 x 4 rubber stable mats 17mm interlocking

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The 6 x 4 rubber stable mats are a practical solution for providing a safe and comfortable environment for horses in their stables. These mats are specifically designed to fit perfectly within a 6 x 4 feet space, ensuring full coverage and maximum effectiveness.

6 x 4 rubber stable mats data sheet:


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Made from sturdy rubber material, these mats offer excellent durability, withstanding the heavy weight and constant movement of horses. The rubber material also provides a cushioning effect, minimizing the pressure on the horses’ joints and muscles while standing or lying down. 

This helps prevent common injuries such as hoof and knee problems, ensuring the horses’ overall well-being. Additionally, rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain, saving time and effort for stable owners. 

With their practicality and benefits, the 6 x 4 rubber stable mats are an essential investment for any horse owner looking to create a safe and comfortable living space for their equine companions.

6 x 4 rubber stable mats
6 x 4 rubber stable mats
6 x 4 rubber stable mats