1.2g/cm³ Black 3mm nitrile rubber sheet roll

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1.2g/cm³ medium hardness rubber sheet
oil resistant, waterproof
Oil and Gas Engineering

3mm nitrile rubber sheet

3mm nitrile rubber sheet production

3mm nitrile rubber sheet

3mm nitrile rubber sheet description

3mm Nitrile rubber sheet, sometimes referred to as nickel butadiene rubber (NBR) or Buna-N, is a synthetic rubber made from acrylonitrile and copolymer through vulcanization. It has a smooth surface and often comes in black. 

Thanks to its excellent physical properties, nitrile rubber effectively prevents the infiltration of grease, diesel, gasoline, mineral oil, petroleum gas and other liquids to ensure perfect seals in automotive gaskets as well as various industries involved with petroleum gas engineering or pipeline transportation.

We are a seasoned supplier of nitrile rubber, producing 1.2g/cm ³ 3mm nitrile rubber sheet renowned for their excellent mechanical strength. Our nitrile rubber sheets boast outstanding tensile strength, achieving up to 400% of its original value, as well as exceptional tear strength. 

Ordinary oil resistant neoprene sheets may suffer from a limited use temperature range and can’t exceed 150℃; however our product has been specifically designed to meet all needs.

3mm nitrile rubber sheet







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