2mm Neoprene rubber sheet 1.45g/cm³ black

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Material:Neoprene rubber
Thickness: 3mm
Tensile strength: 4-5Mpa
Hardness:40±5Shore A
Working Temperature: -35℃-100℃

2mm neoprene rubber sheet data sheet:

1mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m1.45KGS/㎡
1.5mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m2.175KGS/㎡
2mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m2.9KGS/㎡
3mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m4.05KGS/㎡
4mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m5.8KGS/㎡
5mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m7.25KGS/㎡
6mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m8.7KGS/㎡
8mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m11.6KGS/㎡
10mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m14.5KGS/㎡
12mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m17.4KGS/㎡
15mm1.45g/cm³1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m21.75KGS/㎡

2mm neoprene rubber sheet description:

2mm neoprene rubber sheet is a versatile and durable material that has a wide range of applications. Neoprene rubber is known for its excellent weather resistance, high tensile strength, and resistance to oils and chemicals. This type of rubber sheet is commonly used for various purposes, including but not limited to, automotive industries, electrical insulation, gasket manufacturing, and sealing applications. 

The 2mm thickness of the neoprene rubber sheet makes it suitable for creating tight seals or providing cushioning and thermal insulation. It can be easily cut and shaped to fit specific dimensions or requirements, making it a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

In addition, its flexibility and ability to withstand extreme temperatures make it an ideal material for outdoor use. Overall, the 2mm neoprene rubber sheet is a reliable and versatile option that can be utilized in a wide range of industries and applications.

2mm neoprene rubber sheet
2mm neoprene rubber sheet
2mm neoprene rubber sheet