20mm horse stable mats heavy duty black dairy farm

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  • Environment-friendly
  • Anti-aging
  • Wear resistant
  • Better elasticity
  • Customized

20mm horse stable mats

Horse stable mats are the first choice for padding in many horse farms and cattle farms. Compared with wooden floors, rubber is softer and more stretchable. 20mm horse stable mats can also be printed with different patterns on the surface, which not only increases friction, but also affects horses and other livestock. play a key role in growth and development

As the item with the longest contact time of livestock, the stable mats have a very particular pattern. During the growth of livestock, hoof disease and arthritis caused by humid environment are common, and 20mm horse stable mats can effectively reduce this problem. 

On the one hand, the rubber has excellent water resistance, on the other hand, the pattern on the horse stable mats are good for drainage, and will not allow waste water and urine to accumulate.

We can customize horse stable mats of various materials and patterns according to customer requirements. If you are interested in  stable mats or have needs, please feel free to contact me, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

20mm horse stable mats
20mm horse stable mats