18mm Stable mats corrosive texture 1.22*1.83M

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Smooth texture, suitable for barn use
Use as a fence mat
Stables work better

Looking for a stable mat supplier? Look no further! We produce and sell a variety of 18mm stable mats for horse farms. These mats can isolate the ground from animals, preventing falls and protecting them from the cold. They also provide a softer standing surface, which can reduce the impact of ground bacteria and improve productivity. Contact us today to order your mat! >>

18mm stable mats

18mm stable mats description

First: Dairy farms can benefit greatly from 18mm stable mats. In addition to the various benefits mentioned above, they can help protect the udder from injury. The udder is a very important part of the cow, and if it is injured, it can lead to inflammation or even serious infection. 

This can then lead to reduced milk production or even complete loss of milk production. Quality 18mm stable mats can help prevent these injuries from happening, and keep your dairy cows healthy and productive.

Compared with rubber, EVA has the advantages of light weight and elasticity; but its disadvantages are also obvious, such as bad smell and easy water absorption.

During the rainy season, when it rains for a long time, some bacteria or microorganisms will grow on the surface of the water. EVA is not environmentally friendly, easy to get dirty, and needs to be cleaned in time.

An alternative to EVA is the rubber material. Rubber includes natural rubber NR, styrene-butadiene rubber SBR, EPDM rubber, etc. It is heavier than EVA, but it can be easily drained even in the rainy season, and the surface is not easy to seep water. The surface is waterproof, and the bottom groove can drain the water on the ground in time.

It has good abrasion resistance, elasticity and softness. It won’t break even when bent. It has a wide temperature range, weather resistance, good ductility, stable shrinkage and hardness.

18mm stable mats
18mm stable mats