18mm Rubber stable mats black heavy duty recycled rubber material

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18mm heavy duty rubber mat
Better for ground insulation
Non-slip pattern & back grooves for drainage
Better price

18mm rubber stable mats detail image

18mm rubber stable mats
18mm rubber stable mats
18mm rubber stable mats


What are the benefits of laying 18mm rubber stable mats on the farm?

I think many people have questions about this topic, why do we lay 18mm rubber stable mats on the farm? And why not thinner rubber mats, isn’t it better to be lighter? Why not use EVA? 

Now most of the market is EVA, compared with rubber, the price of EVA is low, and the weight is lighter, easier to transport and lay, rubber is heavy and expensive, why use it? In fact, the rubber mat is vulcanized by high-quality recycled rubber. Even if there is a non-slip pattern on the surface, it will be smoother without any bubbles and more beautiful. 

However, if the EVA is used for a long time, the anti-slip pattern on the surface will be smoothed, and the anti-slip function will also be improved. It will decrease accordingly, but the rubber will not, the rubber is softer, and will not deform, even if heavy animals step on it, it will retract for a short time, and the service life will not be shortened, and the prominent pattern is more three-dimensional, the anti-skid property is greatly increased, and it can be used for a long time It won’t fade and the color is bright.

Laying 18mm rubber stable mats on the farm, I think it is based on your actual needs, of course, the thickness of 18mm can better protect animals, this thickness can absorb shock, reduce impact, and sound insulation, heavy animals sometimes impact There is a lot of force, and it is easy to be injured on a hard ground, but the softness of the rubber pad just solves this problem.

Whether it is 18mm rubber stable mats or other sizes, it can be customized, and we can also cut the chain side. We have been serving customers for 22 years, linking the needs of most customers, hoping to provide better services and products for them farm.
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