18mm horse stall mat made in China

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  • Waterproof
  • Anti-aging
  • Wear-anging
  • Customized
  • Wide used of application

18mm horse stall mat

18mm horse stall mat is an indispensable environmental paving material during the growth and development of horses. It can not only play a role in anti-slip, but also prevent diseases of horses

As we all know, rubber is the raw material for the production of horse stall mat. Compared with traditional wooden floors and other material mats, rubber is softer and more elastic, which protects the limbs and even joints of horses. The behavior and health of the horses also played a role.

Moreover, the waterproof effect of rubber can penetrate urine and absorb water, effectively preventing the ground from rotting. Horse stall mat has played a very good preventive effect on hoof disease, and also prolongs the service life and reduces the replacement cost.

The patterns on the surface of the 18mm horse stall mat also play a key role. For example, the stripes can facilitate drainage, the dots can help massage the hooves of the horses, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the growth and development of livestock. The willow leaf pattern can prevent slipping to the greatest extent.

18mm horse stall mat
18mm horse stall mat