17mm stable mats for cattle heavy duty

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  • Wear-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Customized
  • Anti-aging
  • Good elasticity

17mm stable mats

The main function of the stable mats are to provide a comfortable and non-slip growing environment for livestock. Compared with ordinary cement floors and ordinary wooden floors, 17mm stable mats are softer and more wear-resistant, with better stretch ability and better processing performance

Hoof disease and joint disease are common diseases in the growth process of livestock, and 17mm stable mats can effectively avoid these hidden dangers, because the waterproofness of the 17mm stable mats and the good drainage of the pattern prevent the cowshed from being in a humid environment , thereby reducing livestock morbidity

The heat insulation and cold insulation function of the stable mats can save a lot of other expenses, and the aging and wear resistance function of the 17mm stable mats greatly reduces the cost of replacement and installation. The pattern of the mat itself also has an ingenious effect, for example, the stripes are good for indoor drainage, and the dots are good for the massage and health care of the cows, increasing milk production and avoiding the fatigue of cows standing for a long time.

As a place for livestock to sleep and breathe, the stable mats are easy to clean, saves cleaning time, and reduces the risk of respiratory infectious diseases.

17mm stable mats
17mm stable mats



65±5 Shore A