17mm Rubber stable mats black high quality rubber

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Non-slip small dots on the surface
Grooved back for drainage
1m*2m structure

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17mm rubber stable mats

17mm rubber stable mats description

We have a large number of 17mm rubber stable mats in stock in China warehouse, using wooden pallets and film packaging, but we can also accept customized stable mats at any time, this is our attitude and responsibility as a professional rubber sheet manufacturer. Welcome Your consultation at any time>>

There are many benefits of using 17mm rubber stable mats, such as the following main aspects:

  • Prevent animals from knocking on hard ground for a long time, and the joints are badly affected
  • In the cold season, mammals are easy to catch cold when they directly touch the ground. The thickness of 17mm rubber stable mats is moderate, and the animals do not need to touch the ground to insulate the cold air.
  • The long-term urine and feces of animals will produce bacteria on the ground. The original surface cannot be cleaned, and the cleaning time is long, which makes animals easy to get sick after living in the same environment for a long time, but stable mats can be quickly and easily disposed of. For surface stains, it is easy to clean stubborn stains by spraying water with a high-pressure gun. Just clean it and wait for it to dry, and it will not be wet, which will make animals feel uncomfortable.
  • A better life for animals can greatly increase part of the income, which is also the benefit of the farmer.
  • And the price of 17mm rubber stable mats is more favorable, very suitable

Many of our customers use it directly on their farms. The smell of the mat itself is not heavy. After purchasing it, you can remove the packaging and put it in a clean and open place for deodorization. This will make the mat more odorless and will not harm animals. Make an impact.

17mm rubber stable mats
17mm rubber stable mats