10mm insertion rubber sheet SBR material rubber strips

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber
2. Thickness:1mm-100mm
3. Width: 3m max
4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request
5. Gravity: 1.7g/cm3
6. Hardness:65±5
7. Tensile strength: 2Mpa
8. Elongation: 150%
9. with or without fabric reinforcement

Technical Parameters

10mm insertion rubber production line image

This is a type of rubber that is inserted into another piece of rubber in order to create a seal. It is often used in plumbing applications, as it can create a very tight seal that will prevent leaks.10mm insertion rubber is also very versatile, as it can be used in a variety of different applications where a tight seal is needed.

Most people are familiar with the concept of rubber, whether it be in the form of tires, shoe soles, or even household items like rubber gloves or bathmats. However, many people are not aware that rubber can also be used as an insert material.

Rubber is an ideal insert material for a number of reasons. First, rubber is very soft and pliable, which means it can conform to almost any shape. This makes it ideal for filling in gaps or voids in a variety of different surfaces.

Insertion rubber is a very durable material. It is resistant to both tearing and abrasion, which means it will last a long time, even with regular use.

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10mm insertion rubber
10mm insertion rubber
10mm insertion rubber