1 8 Thick neoprene rubber sheet rolls 1.35g/cm³

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Material:Neoprene rubber
Thickness: 3mm
Tensile strength: 6-7Mpa
Hardness:55±5Shore A
Working Temperature: -35℃-100℃

Neoprene rubber sheet 1 8 thick data sheet:

1mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 1.35KGS/M²
1.5mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 2.025KGS/M²
2mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 2.7KGS/M²
3mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 4.05KGS/M²
4mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 5.4KGS/M²
5mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 6.75KGS/M²
6mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 8.1KGS/M²
8mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 10.8KGS/M²
10mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 13.5KGS/M²
12mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 16.2KGS/M²
15mm1.35g/cm³5m /10m /15m /20m 20.25KGS/M²

1 8 neoprene rubber sheet description:

The 1 8 inch thick neoprene rubber sheet roll is a versatile and durable material that offers a wide range of applications. Neoprene rubber sheet is known for its exceptional resistance to various environmental factors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This particular roll is 8 inches thick, providing an added layer of protection and insulation for any project or application. 

But insulating 1 8 neoprene rubber roll is more expensive than ordinary 1 8 neoprene rubber roll, our insulating boards have passed IEC 61111-2009 and are produced strictly according to ASTM standards.

Whether you need to line a toolbox, create gaskets for machinery, or provide cushioning for sports equipment, this neoprene rubber sheet is the perfect choice. Its thickness ensures reliability and sturdiness, while the neoprene material offers excellent flexibility and elasticity. 

With this roll, you can easily cut and customize the neoprene rubber sheet to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, the inherent properties of neoprene make it resistant to water, oils, chemicals, and UV rays, making it an ideal material for various industrial, commercial, and residential needs.

1 8 neoprene rubber sheet roll image:

neoprene rubber sheet 1 8 thick
neoprene rubber sheet 1 8 thick
neoprene rubber sheet 1 8 thick